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I hope to soon have more sites listed here - especially those that relate to either the Katahdin area of Maine, computers and networking, or both.

Blog                                    : a place to ponder and rant a little...

Magic City Morning Star       : the only local online news in the Millinocket area     

Laisha Designs                     : a local search engine optimization business

Houlton.Net                         : local Houlton area advertisements

Computerfixx                       : Millinocket area computer repair business

St. Lawrence Nurseries         : extremely hardy organically grown fruit trees

Benedicta-Maine.com           : our newest venture into local advertisement  

The Backwards of Maine      : a recent project, Maine humor at its best!

Mark Guitar Miller dot com  : a recent project for our favorite legendary bluesman!

Camden Sailing Charters      : a recent project for a relative with a sailboat for hire!

Toronto Real Estate              : a new friend with a Toronto Real Estate related blog


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